Hello, I’m Petra. I grew up in rural Germany and emigrated to the States when I was 18.

After a challenging first marriage, and an eventual happy divorce, I started to take ownership of my life. Several decades later, I had remarried, and my professional career had blossomed. Life was good. Well… it was and it wasn’t. While I was happy with my personal life, I realized that I was fed-up working for companies that did not appreciate me. I was also very annoyed that the world had labeled me as less of a person when it came to my work environment. Yes, I was in manufacturing, and yes, I had reached the top tier of management… but who -along the way- had assigned men the privilege to boycott my rights as a woman when it came to fair treatment, equal pay, and access to opportunities, bonuses, and recognition? Why was I viewed as bitchy when I held a different opinion from the men? Why did I have to work more for less money before I was given a raise and promotion? Why did I have to fight for what was basically handed to my male colleagues without any merit?

Why was I so purposefully ignored and excluded?

And it came to me: I didn’t have a dick. The exclusion of one male body part was the only reason for my exclusion of the Dick Club. A Dick Club that was set up by society intentionally (because our constitution and laws were written by men), ensuring that women would never level up. Or that women would just get too tired of trying. And I must admit, most women have conceded into their expected roles because the fight for equality is difficult and involved, it comes with consequences, and women don’t like to risk stability (financially and emotionally). Men have the control.

Recognizing my dicklessness, I took a closer look inward. I had accepted that status quo for too long. I had failed me and every other woman in the workplace and the world for that matter. I decided that I was going to become an active driver of my life when it came to respect and equality, that I would look closer at facts, and that I would question more before submitting to someone else’s order, especially if that order impacted my values negatively. And then, I quit my job.

The only way that I could think to be proactive was in an introverted approach: I started writing a book about my interactions with men from childhood until a few years ago. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I wanted to showcase some of the “Ricks” and “Dicks” any average woman in modern society encounters in her lifetime. What started with one idea (“I’m so tired of the Dick Club”), quickly turned into a business platform. I hadn’t realized how passionate I felt and how much I wanted to impact change.

I started to take pride in my dicklessness. Took ownership by turning a negative connotation into a positive. Created the DICKLESS brand.

I want women to own who they are and who they are meant to be, encourage them to bring out the uncomfortableness of the gender issue. Let’s be blunt, let’s talk about it! It also means that women (and men) have to become more active; change does not happen by merely bitching about a situation. DO something.

DICKLESS is the reminder (in-your-face) that things aren’t changing fast enough. We need to talk about the “Dick” in the room. We need to include the DICKLESS because inclusion and diversity will result in better outcomes for all of society. Why should we beg or wait for inclusion? Why should inclusion be the exception? Exclusion should be the exception. We got it so backwards.And that’s where you come in! I need you! My goal is to raise awareness that the world still sees women as lesser beings. After all the suffragettes have endured to get us to the point where we are, we can’t let them down: We need to stop stalling our progress! It is my opinion that we have been way too nice about it. Too accepting.

So, back to YOU! Why not support this cause (which is a basic human right) by walking around in some cool DICKLESS shirts, holding a DICKLESS mug with your favorite beverage of choice?

I swear, you will make people either laugh out loud (because they get it) or run for the hills (because the truth makes them uneasy). Best case scenario: it starts a conversation. And yes, maybe it will take some balls to wear my brand… but all of us have them (some are up higher, others lower).

I know these products aren’t cheap. Starting out, all costs are high, and there are many aspects of merchandising that are out of my control – until I can gain some traction. Ultimately, it is my intention to use some of the profits to support organizations that have the same vision as me. For that to happen, there’s got to be some profit first, so I hope you love all of the DICKLESS products. And hey, if you have any ideas for more designs, quotes, etc., email me. Maybe we can even design a shirt together? Rest assured, I got many more ideas, so stay tuned, it will not get boring.

Feel free to connect with me (email in footer section), or head on over to my Author & Speaker website: www.petraweiser.com. Of course, you can always follow me on social media; links are provided in the footer.

Thank you for checking out the Dickless.Shop. It means the world to me. And if you like it, please tell your friends.



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