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And so it begins!

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Hello curious minds! Betcha you wonder what this is all about? Well, hopefully, you’ve read my About page. Good start! If not, click on the link now or later, you’ll catch up quickly. In a nutshell, welcome to my very first post for my website.

I’ve been working on this new storefront site for two weeks now, and guess what… It’s really tough to find time for blogs when you’re just starting out. And I say starting out with a smirk because I started the DICKLESS vision in September 2018 when I quit my corporate job to pursue writing a memoir.

First off, let me tell you, writing a book is not easy. You have to understand the end goal, make a structure, find the right words (grammatically correct too), make it flow… just to get to your writer’s critique group to hear that you need to change it up. Then there’s revisions, editing, formatting, editing, editing, and oh yes, more editing. It took me a bit over a year to self-publish.

Somewhere between the various editing hells, I was determined to take my DICKLESS brand to the next level. I started a company, and then I applied for some trademarks (yikes, they are expensive!). I had to choose some categories for those, and publication was one (seeing that I was about to publish a book), and I also added advocacy. To show proof of me “advocating”, I had to look for speaking opportunities or other similar avenues. Through some lucky circumstances, I had my first speaking event (okay it was a 20 minute lunch presentation) in February 2020, and in all honesty, I did alright. So I thought about expanding on that when I got sidetracked with Tshirts. Tshirts? Yup, back to the trademark issue. See, I need to have a storefront up and running in the next few months to show use of my brand so that I can get my trademarks approved (also more money to be spent). All in all I don’t mind, because I thought it would be a great way to get the brand out to YOU. Also, for money… hey I got to eat sometime.

“What?” you might say. “After all this time, your newly published book is not bringing in any income?” The truth is, unless I can motivate 1,000,000 people to buy my book RIGHT NOW (without any advertising, which by the way some won’t let me do because they consider DICKLESS and DICKOTOMY to be profanity), the struggle will continue.

Sad fact is, most indie authors don’t make ANY money. And when they do, it’s never enough to recoup the expenses. Where was I going with this? See, as an authorpreneur, I’m always looking to work on the things that I hope will bring me some monetary rewards at some point (soon); also in consideration of some of the deadlines I have to meet. But that also means that I’m going into many directions every single day, and it’s easy to get swallowed up by time.

Right now, it feels like I’m spread pretty thin. Did I mention that I’m considering recording my own audio book? Yup, already did several hour-long researches on the internet. Even though I have no clue when I could even start tackling the actual recording. For now, it remains on the back burner.

Any free minute I can gain during my many sleepless nights, I spent on thinking about how I can expand my presence in the areas where it matters. And you’d think that I should have a pretty broad audience with the female issue? You’d have guessed wrong (again). Because I’m blunt with my brand, a lot of women don’t want to support it. It’s too offensive, and/or they are too embarrassed. Turns out, women warriors are not easy to find. At least the ones that aren’t afraid to truly stand up for women’s rights in public.

Sometimes, I worry about if there are even enough strong women (or men) out there who get my purpose? Those, who are as fed-up as me and are tired of being pushed into a silenced corner. I would hate to think that everyone is just too lazy, too stuck in their bubble to want to make a change.

Of course, alternatively, I always have the option to make my brand fit the general market. “HELL NO,” I say. I’m sure my blunt honesty is needed right now. And with that I’d better get back to work. (Plus I gotta go pee).

I appreciate you and your time in reading this post.

If we can build on our similarities while accepting our differences, then we’re already a major leap ahead.

Until next time,

Petra Weiser, The Equalizer

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