Where female bluntness meets fashion and accessories.

DICKLESS. The lack of one male body part has forced that definition on most women in most societies. So, don’t blame me for the name. I just took ownership and turned a negative connotation into a positive brand. Its purpose is to bluntly remind everyone that we have a long road ahead of us to gender equality. This site/merchandise is for ALL who want to support and empower women. Women may be dickless. But they are not worth less!

Due to Covid19, clothing and accessory orders will take about 15-20 days before they will be fulfilled by my third party vendor. Flat rate shipping adds another 3-4 days on top of that. I’m very sorry for this delay and hope that you do have other cool shirts you can wear until your order arrives. Your support means the world to me, please go ahead and browse through these awesome products… DICKLESS is WORTH the WAIT! Thank you.

Stay healthy, safe, and sane. -Petra