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Buy a personally dedicated version of DICKOTOMY (insribed & signed by me!)

DICKOTOMY is a book many will be able to relate to (as it is about the interactions between women and men in today’s society). We all have a choice in how we treat each other, and we have a choice in our (re)actions.


Own your very own, personally signed and dedicated HARDCOVER of DICKOTOMY.
Or make this a gift for that special someone (friend or foe, anyone can relate to something in this honest recollection of my life up to 2015).
Just add to the cart and make sure to provide me with an email address so that I can follow up with some questions (you know, who the book is for, what you would like the inscription to say (not verbatim, but in an outline. And then I’ll be creative. Of course, you’ll get an email with the dedication if this is a gift for someone other than you. After all, you’ll need to prepare for what may come next…).
Did I mention that I have a cool blue fountain pen that I use for this purpose?
Shipping will happen from my NC location via USPS Media Mail. This product ships separately from any other merchandise sold on DICKLESS.SHOP.

DICKOTOMY, A DICKLESS MEMOIR, is the first book in the DICKLESS series about women’s struggles.

What defines you?

Have you ever given this any thought?

In this memoir, I wondered if my strict childhood, my naivety as an immigrant, my insecurities in standing up for myself and others, or my struggles to find my voice in Corporate America were my defining moments. But then it struck me:

Who defines you? was a much better question to ask. In my case, was it Daddy Dearest, who made all the rules, or The Alcoholic, who controlled my every move, or The Narcissistic Bully, who only cared about himself, or The Distrusting CEO, who heard what I had to say, but who didn’t listen? And what about The Guardian, who helped rebuild my trust in men, The Boys, who taught me about unconditional love, or The Soulmate, who simply let me be me?

DICKOTOMY acknowledges the importance of the Ricks and Dicks in every woman’s life.

Ultimately, it is up to us to decide who we truly are.

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